Mikkila Akins

My name is Mikkila Akins. I used to hate my first name because no one could pronounce it correctly. So, my parents started calling me Mikki and I fell in love with the song, “Oh Mickey You’re So Fine!”, and now I can’t get away from it, so I’m back to Mikkila. But clearly music was made for me, I’ve got a theme song! I live to combine my greatest passions, music and writing. I’m also a huge hometown supporter of Seattle,WA and am proud to be a Seattle University alumni. Catch me rockin’ out to AD/DC, keeping my voice warm with some Beyonce, droppin’ bars in duet with Lil Wayne, keepin’ it smooth with some soulful jazz, even staying fancy with a little classical. Any genre and in any way, give me music that awakens my soul.