Jason Coldiron

Jason Coldiron spent the last four years working his way into the music industry and becoming one of the premier metal journalists in the country, working with sites like metalassault.com and cwgmagazine.com. At CWG his podcast, “Coldiron,” routinely drew audiences in the thousands to hear his rants about music and pop culture and to discover great new talent, along with major interviews with some of the biggest bands in the world.


Perhaps his finest moment there was his interview with Dave Lombardo of Slayer. In that interview, Coldiron proudly got under Lombardo’s skin with his pointed questions to the point that Lombardo lambasted Coldiron and referred to him as “one of them” (‘them’ being the evil media). As an eccentric metal fan, Coldiron considers this the high point of his career.
Coldiron is also known as a sportswriter, contributing on several sports web sites and making a living writing biographies on pro athletes. Coldiron joins the staff of Wordkrapht to share his love of metal and also to bring his passion, biting sarcasm and music analysis to other genres.