Jamie Verwys

It doesn’t take much to make Jamie Verwys happy. Friends you can count on, good books, summer days, and another loud song. Music and words are the most driving forces in her life. In fact, the best advice she may have ever given was to a 5 year old boy, “Never forget about music. Music will never forget about you.”
Jamie is currently going to community college in beautiful Tucson Az. When she’s not doing that, she’s busy selling people strange snacks and exotic fruits in a local market. She also likes to blog. A lot. She currently has a horror movie blog and a poetry blog where she writes poetry about cryptids (Bigfoots, chupacabras, X-files.) Jamie loves the local music scene and volunteers at the community radio station, K.X.C.I. She has written for the music blogs Tempo Magazine, Indie Music Reviewer and Bscenelive. Jamie is joining WordKrapht to help spread the word of indie music and connect with other people who just need music.