Dave P

Dave P grew up near Seattle during the mid-90s, with enough good sense to avoid the grunge-and-flannel influence of his middle-school compatriots.He has since grown into a man, working as a social media marketer at digital agencies in Denver, Colorado and in Chattanooga, Tennessee.


His  first play was produced in 2007; in 2008 a short story of his was published in a regional review, in 2009 he was awarded a funded position to a Dramatic Writing MFA program at SCAD, and in 2011 he was voted “most handsome” by the secretaries at his office. His work was featured on WordPress.com in 2012 and, just a few months ago, he came in 13th place at a “Magic, The Gathering” tournament. He has written music and film criticism for Pork&Mead Magazine and the Mise En Scenesters.


A perennial fan of indie music, Dave P is excited to write for WORDKRAPHT.