Conner Munson

Conner Munson – Writer

Conner is a college student who loves, more than anything, to indulge in the auditory embrace of music. He is a fan of literature and philosophy, and when he’s not brooding over how meaningless life is whilst reading Dostoevsky or Camus, he is the editor of the arts section at his college’s student newspaper. He is the lead-singer/guitarist for an awesome Indie Rock/Dream-pop band, The French Girls, who are working hard to break into the indie-rock scene. He grew up taking music lessons, writing and reading as much as he could, as well as listening to every halfway decent album he could get his grungy little hands on. He likes to sit down with an album, make a cozy hearth fire in his mind, and let the tunes create the rest of the scene. Conner loves to see what the lyricist sees when he/she writes, and if the feelings are expressed earnestly enough, he can feel what they feel. Some people call him the “Dovahkiin,” as legend has it that he was born with dragon blood. He aims to bring peace to Tamriel with his atmospheric, emotive writing.