Chris Axe

Chris Axe – Writer

Chris Axe blames his passion for music on Aerosmith. Back in 1980 something, Chris went to his first concert where Aerosmith and White Lion were playing. After seeing Joe Perry play the guitar, he knew what he was going to spend the rest of his life doing. Well, that’s partly true. As a young teenager and seeing his first concert, Chris probably saw more than he should have. There were a  lot of women showing off parts of their bodies he had never seen before. So his initial plan was to learn the guitar and then get the girls. Well he learned the guitar, but the girls were unimpressed. But thankfully his passion for the guitar and music grew stronger everyday.

Today he plays in three bands and his love of writing has also helped him help other musicians, thus the circle has been complete. Chris enjoys all types of music but his heart is with Rock and Roll and Metal music. Music keeps him busy and keeps him alive! And just maybe, it’ll eventually get him the girls!