A.J. Santini

A.J. has been at this music thing (in some form or another) since birth. According to popular myth, the nurses at the hospital were playing music while he was incubating and his mother blames them for his obsession. Growing up with Frank Sinatra and the Platters as his gods, A.J. discovered music almost chronologically and continues to enjoy finding parallels between various artists and influences.

Tirelessly working as a mobile disc jockey since 1998 and briefly trying his hand in broadcasting (editing iHeartRadio’s Radio Weezer interviews, writing/editing sketches at Volta Radio’s 420 Punk Show, hosting the Radio 104.5 New Music Show and mixing the Noon Workout on My 106.1 at Clear Channel Philadelphia), A.J. continues to venture out to find new music and make asinine connections between songs that have no business being mentioned in the same breath. He does/has played guitar, piano, violin, trumpet, bass, ukelele and drums all drowned in a sea of mediocrity, but his real love is just sharing what he inherited – his love of music.

Mixing the sermons of Lester Bangs, Cameron Crowe and Chuck Klosterman, A.J. firmly believes there is a place for all music to live happily under one sun and despises genre labels and obscure references only other critics comprehend. With a Dave Grohl interview under his belt and a one-night stand as Dr. Dog’s guitar tech in Bethlehem, A.J. is excited to be part of the WORDKRAPHT family, discovering and sharing great music with anyone who cares to listen, read, click or skim.