The Daily Krapht- Jared Saltiel- “The Fountain”

The Daily Krapht- Jared Saltiel- “The Fountain”

2018 is off to a tumultuous start, and much like 2017, we are constantly wondering what our eyes will be met with when we turn on the news, browse our social media, and even walk out our front doors. Now more than ever we need the music makers, the story tellers, the magic makers to remind us that beauty still exists.

Jared Saltiel is the prime example of said magic maker. Last year we featured the first single off of his forthcoming album, Out of Clay and today we are bringing you the next song released. Trust us when we say you need to listen to it.

“The Fountain” features the vocal stylings of Dawn Cantwell, Kate Steinberg, and Katie Rose Summerfield as well as Saltiel leading the narrative. “The Fountain” is the opening track to Out of Clay (due out Feb.2nd) and sets not only the tone for the album but the stage as well. Of the song Saltiel tells us,

“Regardless of how you interpret the characters in the story, this song sets the stage for an album that examines the process of falling in love, from the externalized projections that create a sense of desire, to the pitfalls of possession.”

Photo By: Shervin Lainez

Photo By: Shervin Lainez

 Take a moment out of your day and really listen to the track. Don’t just play it in the background while scrolling timelines, sit and be present in the song. Let the story wash over you and transport you somewhere new. You’re welcome in advance.

Out of Clay once again will be released February 2nd, connect with Jared through the links given at the bottom of the page.

*Single artwork by Liz Emirzian.

Artist Name: Jared Saltiel

Location: Brooklyn, New York

Genre: Singer/Songwriter