The Daily Krapht-ash.ØK- “The Unraveling”

The Daily Krapht-ash.ØK- “The Unraveling”

ash.ØK is a Philly producer who prides himself on genre bending and blending. For his upcoming album, due out in January, ash.ØK uses styles like trip hop, ambience, folk, the blues and hip-hop to help tell stories with his music. 2511

“The Unraveled” is the album’s title track, and has been spreading around like wildfire on the internet. Having already been featured in Huffpost, it only takes one listen to see why this powerful track is enchanting so many.

Featuring Rebecca Loebe on vocals, “The Unraveled” is a poignant song about not just a relationship ending, but the survival of two people, once of which is on the verge of suicide. Haunting, intense and worthy of multiple listens/views, ash.ØK is someone you need to put on the top of your watch list.

Stream the track below, or watch the video here, which was directed by Patrick Mason. The Unraveled will be released on January 19th.

Cover Photo By: Dan Drufovka

Artist Name: ash.ØK

Location: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Genre: Electronic