The Daily Krapht- Van Wyck- “An Average Woman”

The Daily Krapht- Van Wyck- “An Average Woman”

We have a lot of privileges today that our grandparents simply did not. For Amsterdam artist Van Wyck, the luxury of being creative was just not an option for her two grandmothers. They inspired her though to push herself creatively, which led Van Wyck to becoming the artist she is today. Having studied classical piano, as well as keyboarding gives her an edge to combine classic and modern melodies. She also was one of the first female rappers in the Netherlands, and was one half of a trip-hop duo. Her love and passion for music is extensive, and all her past influences are front and center in her music today.


In January she will be releasing her new album An Average Woman. The album’s title track and opener, “An Average Woman” is for all the women who want to be bolder, braver and even a little selfish. There were a few heartbreaking real-life events that brought on the creation of the song, and you can hear the sadness and regret in Van Wyck’s husky vocals as she sings. It’s bittersweet and achingly beautiful, listen below to hear it for yourself.

An Average Woman will be released January 19th on Maiden Name Records.

Cover Photo by: Jitske Schols

Artist Name: Van Wyck

Location: Amsterdam, North Holland

Genre: Indie Folk

Label: Maiden Name Records