The Daily Krapht- Jared Saltiel- “Wayward Queen”

The Daily Krapht- Jared Saltiel- “Wayward Queen”

Photo By: Shervin Lainez

Photo By: Shervin Lainez

Jared Saltiel is a singer-songwriter, multi-instrumentalist,producer, and composer extraordinaire based out of Brooklyn,New York. As a child, Saltiel wanted to be a fiction writer, but the call to music was just a bit louder. His 2013 release, The Light Within saw his love for fiction morph into narrative songwriting (and that’s just putting it in simplest terms).

Last week, Saltiel released the first single off of Out of Clay, which is a followup to the concept album, The Light Within.

“Wayward Queen” is a love song dedicated to an abstraction. The ideas of undying love and dedication are woven throughout this character’s journey, and in just under five minutes we know what it feels like to wander a lonely island and live this person’s life who has pledged himself to his Queen forever.

Music has the ability to transport you to other times, better times past or future. With his music, Jared Saltiel has the ability to create worlds the listener will never want to leave. Take a listen below, and see what I mean.

Out of Clay will be released in February of next year. Stay tuned here for the album review. Connect with Jared via the links at the bottom of the page.

Artist Name: Jared Saltiel

Location: Brooklyn, New York

Genre: Singer/Songwriter