Will Weston- Meridian

Will Weston- Meridian

Two years ago I penned a glowing review for Will Weston’s album, Heart of the Order.  The album featured a line-up of friends and musicians equal in talent, and gave us a glimpse of what the Weston Clan’s live shows were like. For his third album, Meridian, Weston had a vision for more. He went into hibernation mode and buckled down to produce something that is truly unlike anything else you will hear on the radio but should.

By: Ashley Batz

By: Ashley Batz

Pushing himself to the limit creatively, Weston has created ten songs of genre blending and bending goodness. The marriage of live instrumentation and electronic provides a multi-faceted experience while Weston’s heartfelt and whimsical lyrics bring you back home. This is an album that deserves to be played all the way through in one sitting, there are no filler’s or background music to be found here. With each new listen, you are guaranteed to find something you missed before, which is basically like getting a gift that keeps on giving.

Once again recorded at Bird & Egg Studios by Nino Moschella, Meridian  features some familiar names. From Cyril Guiraud on tenor sax to Dan Manian from Mobile Steam Unit who contributed bass on two tracks, Weston had a clear vision of not only what he wanted for the album but also who he wanted. For a full list of musicians who are featured, be sure to check out the bandcamp link we will provide at the bottom of the page.

Meridian is available now through bandcamp. Though the album release show is behind us, more shows are planned as well as videos in the near future. Connect with Weston on Facebook and the like to stay up to date and as always if you like what you hear, buy it!

5 stars!

Album Name: Meridian

Release Date: September 29th

Genre: Rock

Location: San Francisco, California

Musicians featured: Will Weston: Guitars, Vocals, Piano, Percussion
Nino Moschella: Drums, Bass, Synths, Guitars & Backing Vocals
Max Cowan: Organ & Fender Rhodes
Cyril Guiraud: Tenor Sax
Josh Hertz: Guitars, solo on “Not So Good”
Adam Theis: Trombone
Dan Manian: Bass on “Not So Good” & “Subtleties”
Mike Olmos: Trumpet
Dame Drummer: Drums on “Not So Good” & “Subtleties”
Alisa Rose: Violin on “Able” & “Set A Course”
David Michel-Ruddy: Piano on “Able”
Graham Patzner: Violin
Lewis Patzner: Cello

Website: https://www.willwestonmusic.com/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/willwestonmusic/