Pacifico Interview/ Everest Album Review

Pacifico Interview/ Everest Album Review

Matthew Schwartz is one of those people where the music chose him and not the other way around. From an early age music was always this huge presence in his life, something he has sought after and tried to perfect with tours, instruction from labels and the like. It wasn’t until after Schwartz decided to put his music, career and future in his own hands that he began to see his potential, talent and passion really bloom. With his project, Pacifico getting ready to release the album, Everest, Schwartz is really hitting his stride. Everest is a labor of love, which is something we’ve all heard before but honestly when did that turn into a bad thing? More love equals more passion, talent and creativity. You can feel the joy and pride Schwartz has poured into each song, and that makes for one exemplary listen. Everest is the amalgam of synth pop and garage rock, recorded over the course of three years across the US. Matthew was kind enough to answer a few questions I had about the making of the album, getting your music in tv shows and more. He gives some great advice, so fellow musicians and music lovers in general, check out the interview below.

Album Artwork by: Trey Wadsworth

Album Artwork by: Trey Wadsworth

Everest will be released October 20th. Pre-orders are still available, check the links at the bottom of the interview for more information.

Welcome to Wordkrapht Matthew, thanks for taking some time to answer some questions. Tell the readers a little bit about Pacifico:

Hey, thanks for having me. Pacifico is an idea born from collaboration, a rotating door of friends, musicians, and heroes, joining forces to make something better than I ever could on my own. Pacifico could be my solo project but I believe the art flourishes more due to every hand that is involved.

Everest is your new album, and I hear you worked with a dozen musicians and recorded in five studios over the course of three and a half years. What was the experience like, and can you tell other artists out there the most important lesson you learned over recording this album?

Everest is truly an independent project born out of patience, and creative organization. We did pre-production in Louisiana, recorded demos live to a click track, sent them to have synths recorded in Ohio, then recorded the rhythm section in Louisiana, the guitars and main vocals in Florida, a couple overdubs in Georgia and tied everything up back in Louisiana. It then was mixed and mastered in North Carolina. The reason it took so many studios and so much time was to save money and include the people I wanted to collaborate with. Not to mention being one person I had to save up for each session. If I had had the funding I would have much rather recorded it all together over a 2 week period. The most important lesson I learned is making great art takes time. Don’t ever settle for the mediocre.


 What are some other independent artists you are listening to right now?

Dent May

The Rocketboys

Renshaw Davies

Starflyer 59

Sondre Lerche



David Bazan


 In the past your music has been featured in movies, TV shows and even a video game. Did you reach out to get your music out there or did someone approach you? If given the chance again would you let you music be featured again?

We certainly have submitted our music when we’ve heard about someone looking for the perfect song for something but in most cases someone approached us. We most certainly would love to be featured again. We have songs coming up in two feature films, “An Enchanted Ruby” and “Phony” next year.



What’s your favorite song to play live and why?

Obsolete – I love how dancy the first part of of the song is and how rock the second half is. It’s a little of both worlds. I just wish it were a little easier for me to play.


Any parting words for the readers of Wordkrapht?

Thank you so much for having me. Keep making and finding those indie gems out there and continue sharing them with all your friends and family. Hope you like our new album Everest and we look forward to seeing you on the road.

Rating 5 Stars!

Album Name: Everest

Release Date:October 20th

Genre: Rock and Roll

Location: Baton Rouge, LA