The Daily Krapht- Karla Kane- “Don’t Hush, Darling”

The Daily Krapht- Karla Kane- “Don’t Hush, Darling”

Today Karla Kane released her solo album, King’s Daughters Home for Incurables. Without giving too much away, Kane recorded this album at her home, independent and intimate. There was one familiar song off the album that instantly struck a chord with me, and I hope it does the same for whoever is reading this.

Photo By: Aaron Rubin

Photo By: Aaron Rubin

Back in December we covered her band, The Corner Laugher’s anti-lullaby “Don’t Hush Darling”, and it’s still so relevant that we’re going to feature it again today.

Karla decided to re-work the song this time around, switched electric for acoustic and put some images to the music. She worked with longtime friend and choreographer Tara Catherine Pandeya and what follows is the result. The imagery in the video, along with the addition of nature sounds (including the buzzing of bees) makes for one breathtaking experience.

Watch the video below, then go get King’s Daughter’s Home for Incurables today. Be sure to check back with us soon for the full album review and interview with Karla Kane.

Artist Name: Karla Kane

Location: Fairfax, California

Genre: Folk, Singer-Songwriter