The Daily Krapht- Matt Zambon- “Blue & Yellow”

The Daily Krapht- Matt Zambon- “Blue & Yellow”

Matt Zambon is a Melbourne based indie pop producer. Born in Johannesburg, Zambon made the move right after high school to study composition at the Victorian College of Arts. Writing music since the age of twelve, Zambon is finally releasing his first official single.


“Blue & Yellow” on the surface is about a blooming flower. The deeper meaning; It’s a story of how people want to pursue a more perfect version of themselves, and by doing so they’re ignoring the incredible amount of beauty that surrounds them every day.

The single was officially released on Friday, and it’s a wonderfully enchanting song to begin your work week.Stream the single below, then connect with Zambon on his socials to tell him how much you enjoyed it.


Artist Name: Matt Zambon

Location: Melbourne

Genre: Indie Pop