Hidden By The Grapes- Graben

Hidden By The Grapes- Graben

Hidden by the Grapes are a “post-everything” trio out of Graz, Austria. Together since 2006, the band has released four albums, a couple of ep’s and one split 7inch single. In 2014, we covered their album, I’m Sorry TSCHEM ,and three years later they were kind enough to remember us for their latest album release.


Graben was released on Wohnzimmer records back in June. Being their fourth album, the band wanted to try something different to welcome this new chapter in their career. They worked with producer Bernd Heinrauch and also collaborated with a new artist for their album art for the first time since working with their long-time collaborator Mote Scherre. One thing they were sure to not change however, was their sound and vision for the band. Graben is Hidden by the Grapes, and then some. They found a great balance of intensity and weaving in catchy bits here and there. It’s coherent, and you don’t have to have a doctorate in Sonic Youth and Dinosaur Jr to pick up what they’re putting down.

Press play, take it for a spin and see what you think for yourself. Graben is available now, digital and physical copies are available.

4 stars!

Album Art By Kata Tuz

Album Name: Graben

Release Date: June 2017

Genre: Post everything

Location: Graz, Austria

Members: Christian Steiner (guitar, vocals), Richard Kahlbacher (keys, bass, vocals), and Bernhard Jammerbund (drums, vocals)

Label: Wohnzimmer Records

Website: http://www.hiddenbythegrapes.com/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/hiddenbythegrapes