Bailey Run- After The Rain

Bailey Run- After The Rain

image1Bailey Run may sound like a new artist to be featured on Wordkrapht, but they’re not.  Bailey Run is the new project from one of our past Wordkrapht musicians, David Wilson.  We have previously featured Wilson’s first two albums, Songs from Wood Street and Black Top Road, but Wilson reached out to us in hopes of introducing his new project, Bailey Run, to our readers to show the progression in his music since Black Top Road was released last year.


Seeing that David Wilson is a common name and there are probably at least a handful of other David Wilson’s on streaming services like Spotify, Wilson decided to try something new and keep his music separated from the others by creating a pseudonym from the corner roads where he spent most of his childhood – Bailey Crossroads and Glen Run Road.


With Bailey Run, Wilson has decided to take his music on a different ride this time around while sticking to his roots and bringing in the talents of all Lancaster based musicians  at Lancaster’s Parallel Productions Studio to record Bailey Run’s first EP, After the Rain.  He decided to re-record two tracks off his first solo album, Songs from Wood Street, but bring a new sound to the two fan favorites, “Jefferson” and “Railroad Man.”  The tracks on Songs from Wood Street, had more of a solo acoustic feel to them, but Bailey Run has given these tracks new life with the support from these talented musicians and even the pleasant addition of female backing vocals from Lynn Royer throughout the EP.


On “Full Measure,” Wilson introduces his fans to a new sound they may not have heard before during his solo career.  Bailey Run brings a sweet taste of a bluesy vibe to his Americana trademark sound on a song you could picture echoing through the doorway of a bar down in Memphis on the legendary Beale Street.  “Full Measure” has a sexy, funky feel to it which is a very different side to Wilson’s music in the past.  That’s not the last of this blues side on After the Rain, as you’ll hear with the last track, “Crooked Hands of Time,” with his brother, Matt Wilson, showcasing some impressive skills on the organ.



While most of After the Rain has more of an uptempo style throughout this EP, Bailey Run does add the classic sad love song about heartbreak that’s bound to show up at least a few times on any country album.  Wilson’s lyrics are up to par with some of the best country songwriters as he writes a song about a man sitting at the bar drowning his sorrows away with the help of his bartender as he reflects on the love of his life leaving him for good.  Wilson does an exceptional job conveying this man’s pain through the sad tone in his vocals.


Once you listen to After the Rain, it’s clear to see the evolution in David Wilson’s career as he shines with his new project, Bailey Run.  He’s grown as a musician and songwriter with this project.  Going outside of the box and trying something new is always terrifying, but Wilson was brave enough to take a stab at it, and the risk paid off.  After the Rain brings out a whole new side to Wilson’s music as Bailey Run with a fuller sound thanks to his decision to incorporate a great team of musicians to help make this first EP a memorable one.

The official release show will be at Shank’s Tavern on 10/6/17.

Photo Credit: James T. Giffen Photography


Rating: 4 Stars!

Artist Name: Bailey Run

Album Name:After the Rain

Genre: Americana, folk, country

Location: Wilmington, DE

Members: David Wilson

Studio Musicians: Steve Davis (electric guitar/acoustic slide guitar), Dave Pedrick (mandolin/banjo), Matt Wilson (organ/vocals), Lynn Royer (vocals), Adam Nicodemus  (drums/percussion), and Mike Bitts (bass)

Engineered by Steve Puffer at Parallel Productions