The Daily Krapht- Anabot- “Mongrel”

The Daily Krapht- Anabot- “Mongrel”

We love seeing people who when faced with adversity and negativity turn it into something positive. For many people in present time, this unfortunately comes around a little too often. Los Angeles artist Anabot is combating it the best way she knows how, through music. Her first single “Mongrel” off of her yet to be released debut record of the same name is filled to the brim with the “you can sit with us” sentiment, and we couldn’t love it more. About the song Anabot says

 “This is for any person who feels like an outsider in their own country or their own skin. Every dollar raised from downloads will be donated directly to the ACLU to combat injustice and fight for a United States that makes everyone feel welcome”


If that weren’t enough, Anabot also has a line of apparel available on threadless with all the proceeds going to the ACLU as well. Designed by Javier Solórzano, you can show your support for fellow mongrels by purchasing some kick ass t-shirts, lounge pants and more.

Stream “Mongrel” below, the track is currently set at “Name your price” so don’t forget to support a good cause. Tell a friend, spread some kindness and let’s make this world a welcome place for all.

Artist Name: Anabot
Location: Los Angeles, CA
Genre: Alternative/Electropop/Big Band
Members: Analise Nelson, Austin Farmer, Elmo Zapp, Alex Seller, Kurt Leingang, Ryan Cavin