The Daily Krapht- The Yorks- “Liaison”

The Daily Krapht- The Yorks- “Liaison”

George Azanza and Louis Richard IV are both multi-instrumentalists who want to “share their eclectic take on rock music with world”. Started in 2014 by Azanza, The Yorks was his way of sharing his music with the public. Over the course of the next few years there were lineup changes and personal problems that would normally cause a band to go on hiatus. However, for The Yorks they simply did the opposite. They created a record and put all that energy into something positive.

Their debut self-titled EP will be released in August and we have their first single, “Liaison” to share with you today.  The song explores the perspective of man after the end of a relationship, and the band revels in expressing an exaggerated need for order while everything changes . The fuzzy, hazy quality in the music reflects the uncertainty being expressed lyrically, and we invite you to listen and enjoy.


The Yorks promises to be a great listen, and you can hear it August 18th when it’s released. In the meantime, stream “Liaison” below, and connect with the band on all their socials to stay up to date on all things music.

*Cover Photo Credit: Steven Perlin

Artist Name: The Yorks

Members: George Azanza and Louis Richard IV

Location: Los Angeles, California

Genre: Indie Rock