The Daily Krapht- Lynn- “I Used to Cry”

The Daily Krapht- Lynn- “I Used to Cry”

Lynn is a pop singer/song-writer that has been performing since the tender age of five. She shared with us her heart-breaking new video, “I Used to Cry” which gives us yet another perspective as a victim of bullying. In high school Lynn never quite fit in with the clicks and the song reflects on being different, and gives the advice to “grow a new skin”.  Written and composed by Lynn, and produced by Yoad Nevo, “I Used to Cry” should be the one video you watch and listen to today.


Whether you’ve been bullied in the past, or are currently in that situation, songs that bring awareness to a very much alive and well problem too many teens are dealing with are needed.

Check out Lynn’s video below, and let’s try and treat each other with kindness not only today but every day. Connect with Lynn with the links at the bottom of the page to stay up to date on all new releases.

Artist Name: Lynn

Genre: Pop