World Premier Video: The Ivins – “Roam the World”

World Premier Video: The Ivins – “Roam the World”

16938745_10154567250317695_949485726834123703_nWhen a person falls in love with an artist, one of the bonding parts of that love is watching that musician grow, mature and develop their skills over time. When you happen to be someone who follows independent musicians that aren’t known yet, that bond can be much more satisfying and personal. You feel like you get a backstage view of what is going on with that individual or band. This is where I find myself today.

I have been working with, and following Jim & Jack Ivins for almost as long as I’ve been covering independent musicians. I’ve watched them start with the Jim Ivins Band filled with pop goodness, followed Jim on a short solo acoustic career, and now with the moniker that has stuck – The Ivins. It’s only fair that the band be called this since brothers bring the thunder (Jack and his kickass beard) and sunshine (Jim, ever the frontman). These two play incredibly well off of each other. When you add the guitar work of Hatton Taylor and the bass lines of Regan Akers, you have something special.

The debut album The Code Duello came out in late April, and we are humbled and honored to be able to premier the second video from the release. “Roam the World” is a love song. It will rattle the fillings, but it’s a love song nonetheless. The lyrics are heartfelt and raw.

But I’m still left running away
’cause getting what I want feels like I’m where I shouldn’t be
And I can’t stop running away

But even if I die I know I’m home with you
If I die I’ll roam the world with you


The music doubles down, giving the words and the images in the video power. The guitar riffs grab you. There is a grunge feel, but there’s too much slickness in them. The backline drive hard and demand recognition and space with the riffs and vocals. The foursome mesh well and you just can’t sit still. While not as theatrical as 30 Seconds to Mars, you can hear the influence. I may or may not have watched the video eight times (I’m sorry. I have serious beard envy Jack).

When asked about “Roam the World,” Jim Ivins said it “is kind of the oddball on our record but we knew when we decided to do a video that it had to be the one, as we felt the dark vibe of the music just immediately lent itself to a visual. The song itself is a bit of a contradiction in that musically, it’s definitely the darkest song on the album but lyrically, it’s actually a sweet (but gothic) love song and easily the most positive lyrical content present on The Code Duello. Pairing the dark with the light, the video follows a couple that have a tumultuous relationship and it chronicles them experiencing various things; from being cute and cuddling in bed, to breaking into an airplane hangar. We got to film our performance in the airplane hangar as well and we felt pretty damn cool getting to do that. Kylie Rebecca did a phenomenal job directing and I’m so excited for everyone to see it and am so grateful to Wordkrapht for the continued support over the years and for being our partner for the premier!

Also – shout out to Ivy Rhodes and Jordan Fitzsimmons for being a part of this and playing a very convincing couple at the center of the video!”

The video is directed by Kylie Rebecca, and stars Ivy Rhodes & Jordan Fitzsimmons.

Artist Name: The Ivins
Location: Nashville, TN
Genre: Alternative, Rock
Members: Jim Ivins, Jack Ivins, Hatton Taylor, Regan Akers

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