The Daily Krapht- J. Lauryn- “Rum & Ting”

The Daily Krapht- J. Lauryn- “Rum & Ting”

J.Lauryn is bringing the summer feel good vibes we are so desperately in need for these days. Originally from Kailua, Hawaii Lauryn moved to California in 2007 to be a professional dancer and choreographer. In May of 2015 she had the chance to perform one of her own songs on the VH1 show “The Big Morning Buzz in Time Square”. In her time as a song-writer she has written for Ziggy Marley, Ashanti, and David Guetta just to name a few.

On May 29th J. Lauryn released her full length follow up to her debut album, while also celebrating her 29th birthday. Golden Year is available on itunes, as well as streaming on Soundcloud. Her first single, “Rum & Ting” is so delightfully light and playful you’ll think you were transported somewhere warm and happy. Reggae infused pop as its best, you don’t want to skip pressing play below.

Artist Name: J. Lauryn

Location: Los Angeles, California

Genre: Reggae pop