Naomi Wachira- Songs of Lament Review/ Interview

Naomi Wachira- Songs of Lament Review/ Interview

Last month we featured Naomi Wachira and her latest single, ‘Beautifully Human”. After listening to the song, and reading a little bit about her story I was instantly transfixed. Wachira seems like the kind of person you could sit down with a cup of coffee and talk for hours about everything under the sun. Listening to her new album, Songs of Lament is an emotional experience. Songs about tragedy, and social injustices will hit you like bricks and may even bring you to tears. Wachira has this way of presenting reality and truth in such an honest way but doesn’t knock you down. Instead she leaves us with questions, the why and what and how to hopefully engage in conversation and self-reflection.

I had the chance to ask this talented musician and song-writer a few questions and she was more than kind enough to indulge me. Please read the interview below, and get Songs of Lament when it’s released June 2nd.

 Welcome to Wordkrapht! For the readers, tell us a little bit about yourself:

Thank you so much! Well, I’m Naomi Wachira an Afro-Folk Singer/Songwriter born and raised in Kenya, but currently reside in the Seattle. I’m also a single mom to a delightful 7yr old. I am a woman who wants to make this world a little better with my guitar and music.

You recently shot a music video for the single, “Beautifully Human”.  What can viewers expect to see when it’s finished?

My hope with this video is to make an appeal to all of us about how beautiful the human race is when we actually take the time to understand people and where they come from. We also incorporated some choreographed dance, as a way to tell the story of the song from another angle.


Photo By: Janelle Kallender

Photo By: Janelle Kallender

Songs of Lament is your new album. I’ve been listening to it on repeat now for the past week. How was the recording process for it? Was it collaborative or did you hold the reigns for the majority of the time?

 I started working on the record back in 2015, but things didn’t go as planned, so I had to start all over again in the summer of 2016 and finally found the momentum I needed. I came to this record with a very clear vision of exactly how I wanted it to sound and I’m so thankful that everyone I worked with understood my vision and they brought it out in such a beautiful way. This was one I felt in charge of and that was liberating and affirming.

“Where is God” is such a powerful song, it moved me to tears when I first heard it. Though the song is pretty self-explanatory can you share with us how that song came to be?

I wrote this after a terrorist attack in Garissa in April 2015. I tried to imagine the terrorists from a different angle – remembering that they were once innocent kids who probably wanted to change the world or that some came from privileged homes, but even further, they still bore the image of God. But it’s hard to see all of that with the blood they hold in their hands for killing other people, especially in the name of God. On a different angle, as a spiritual woman, it’s my way of just wondering where God is in all of this madness – and I honestly don’t have an answer for that.

How does motherhood affect you as an artist and song writer?

It’s pushed me further into authenticity. Because I know I’m modeling for my daughter what it’s like to live well. I’m aware of myself in a new light, which also means that I write from that place of deep awareness.

Any last parting words for the readers of Wordkrapht? 

I hope they will support this album and see that my hope is to remind us of our shared humanity. And hopefully sharing the album will allow for more kindness and empathy to spread far and wide. 

Album Name: Songs of Lament

Genre: Singer Songwriter,  Afro-Folk

Location: Seattle, Washington