Three Minute Heroes- #HearMeOut

Three Minute Heroes- #HearMeOut

Three Minute Heroes is an initiative created by The Warren Youth Project, a free resource center for young people between the ages of 16-25. Located in Hull, The Warren Youth Project has been around since 1982, and their newest innovation is connecting musicians with teens; combining music plus mental health. Giving kids the chance to voice their thoughts in an open and trusting environment, the project aims to let the youth know their voices matter and deserve to be heard. The result is Three Minute Heroes, an album with 15 tracks featuring the lyrics by the kids from the Hull and East Yorkshire area and music by some talented musicians such as Embers, La Bete Blooms, False Advertising and The Mighty and The Moon just to name a few. 14462818_315266205501402_6476921956429059215_n

Physical copies and digital streaming are available now on bandcamp.  Whether you buy a physical copy or just stream it, be sure to take some time and read the lyrics. Three Minute Heroes is a great way to check out an amazing cause. If you want to find out how you can do more to help be sure to check out the links to their website at the bottom.

Warren Youth Project Website


Three Minute Heroes