The Daily Krapht- Private Lives- “Man of Faith”

The Daily Krapht- Private Lives- “Man of Faith”

Last November, we introduced the readers of Wordkrapht to Private Lives with the release of their single, “Man of Faith”. Over the course of this year, the band has been working on new music and are planning on releasing a full length album (date TBA).

15937017_593247217534881_3571909575981282542_oLast weekend they released the video for the track, “Man of Faith” and that is what we are excited to share with you today. Directed by Dylan Marko Bell for M.Constant Pictures, the video mirrors the song’s balance of organic meets electronic. Shots of nature are beautifully blended with performance footage, with a touch of special effects to create a video that is visually stunning and worth watching and re-watching a few dozen times.

Take a look below, then connect with the band through their socials with the links at the bottom of the page.

Artist Name: Private Lives

Genre: Electronic

Members: Nate Barcalow, Kenny Finn

Location: Temecula, California