Photo Credit: Stephen Booth

The Daily Krapht- Screamfeeder- “All Over It Again”

B12 Jacket (3mm Spine) [GDOB-30H3-007}risbane indie rock band Screamfeeder has been making music for 25 years.  In June the band will be releasing their 7th studio album, Pop Guilt and who better to take on 90’s post punk infused with modern pop melodies than a band who not only was alive during the 90’s but made music then as well?

“All Over It Again”, the first single released off of Pop Guilt is about a relationship that’s over but neither side is willing to let go. The balance between the sugary sweet vocals and the adrenaline that oozes out of every hit of the drums and strum of the guitar make for not only an irresistible combination but also perfectly exemplifies the cyclical distortion of a dysfunctional relationship.

Stream the single below and mark your calendars for June 23rd, and go grab Pop Guilt when it’s released.

*cover photo by: Stephen Booth

Artist Name: Screamfeeder

Genre: Rock

Location: Brisbane

Members:  Tim Steward, Kellie Lloyd, Dean Shwereb, Darek Mudge