The Daily Krapht- Jalen N’Gonda- “Why I Try”

The Daily Krapht- Jalen N’Gonda- “Why I Try”

One of the many perks of running Wordkrapht is not only the fact that I have an inbox full of amazing music, I also possess the power to share any artists I happen to find with you lovely readers. A few weeks back I discovered today’s artist and his songs have been stuck in my head ever since. One listen and you’ll be happily saying the same thing.

Photo Credit: Erik Luyten Photography

Photo Credit: Erik Luyten Photography

Jalen N’Gonda is a soul R&B artist born in Maryland but chose Liverpool to begin his career. Since 2014, N’Gonda has been playing across the UK and sharing his smooth sounds alongside names like Laura Mvula, Martha Reeves and Lauryn Hill.  In March he released the track, “Why I Try”, a song that will make fans of the Motown and Stax era swoon and sing into their hairbrushes.

Listen to the track below, and connect with N’Gonda on his social media pages. An EP is in the works, as well as shows planned for the summer. If you’re able to, make it to a show and tell him Wordkrapht sent you!

*Cover Photo Credit: Ryan Jarfarzadeh

Artist Name: Jalen N’Gonda

Location: Liverpool

Genre: Soul/R&B