The Daily Krapht – Chase and the Barons – “Rule the World”

The Daily Krapht – Chase and the Barons – “Rule the World”

At Wordkrapht, we are lovers of music, and we have a drive to help support the independent music scene as much as possible. There is a unique and special program out of Point Park University in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania called Pioneer Records that we had to introduce to our readers. Pioneer Records is a Point Park University-operated record label managed by the sports, arts and entertainment management program. The students working at this record label will learn important parts of the music industry over the course of the semester like, signing an artist or band to a contract, assisting in the development of a CD, developing a marketing campaign to promote the artist or band, and executing a CD release/mp3 launch party. A lot of us at Wordkrapht wish we had a program like Point Park’s when we were in college!


The third artist to be signed at Pioneer Records is Chase and the Barons, a five piece rock and roll band out of Pittsburgh, who have a unique sound and aim to bring fun to their audience with each song and live performance. Their new success has earned them the title as one of ReverbNation’s Top 10 bands in the Pittsburgh area.

Chase and the Barons shot the video for their single, “Rule the World” with the help of a music video class at Point Park University, which was actually the first music video class that they had where the sports, arts and entertainment management department collaborated with the cinema department. “Rule the World” is a fun, upbeat song and the Point Park students definitely captured the band’s entertaining, light-hearted personalities and sound through this music video.

To learn more about Pioneer Records and check out other artists on this student run label, go here and after watching the music video for “Rule the World,” check out their social media pages and show them some love!

Artist Name: Chase and the Barons

Location: Pittsburgh, PA
Genre: rock n’ roll, indie
Members: Chase Barron (vocals/guitar), Tyler Handyside (saxophone), Jacob Rieger (bass), Mike Saunders (lead guitar), and Jake Stretch (percussion)