Scott Fab – Leave My Friends

Scott Fab – Leave My Friends

The last time we caught up with Scott Fab was to introduce our readers to his music through the song, “Leave My Friends,” which is a song he wrote after attending a benefit concert to support a local musician who had his house broken into and had many vintage instruments stolen. “Leave My Friends” was the first track off Fab’s new album of the same name and Wordkrapht is here to bring it to you.


2343Fab continues with his inspirational style of songwriting with “If You Can Run.” This track has a gentle, delicate sound with the subtle strums of the acoustic guitar, brushes over the drums, and the beautiful addition of the piano. Listening to the lyrics, it’s clear that Fab is watching someone he cares about hold back in life and he believes they deserve much more with lyrics like “I always believed in you, I just thought you should know” and “this anchor you’ve become, I don’t recognize anymore.”

“Lucky” is the rare gem on Leave My Friends, as it stands out from the rest of the tracks with more of an upbeat sound with a rock vibe. “Lucky” has that tap your toe, turn it up loud feel that will have you putting it on repeat.

Songs like “My Slow March” and “If You Could” have a haunting, slower sound. “If You Could” possesses a feeling of hurt and sadness throughout a song that has Fab singing “tell me how we get back to where we started, seems like such a long while ago,” which has the listener wondering if this is about a relationship that lost the love they had for each other in the beginning. Did they fall out of love? Only Fab can answer that question, but from the sound of his voice on this track, it doesn’t seem promising.

Fab turns things around on “Brighter Side” with a happier sound radiating from the fingertips of his strums on that acoustic guitar that has taken him along the journey on Leave My Friends. He sings “misery enjoyed my company, but I’ve already stayed too long” in the beginning of this track, as he goes on to explain he is moving on to a more positive outlook in his life even though it’s a foreign territory for him. Many of us have gone through times in our lives when we’ve been stuck in a rut, and “Brighter Side” is the perfect song to listen to if you’re looking to escape that negativity and move on to brighter pastures.

Scott Fab has the gift of bringing an overwhelming amount of calmness to the listener’s ears with his storytelling style and soothing vocals throughout each track on Leave My Friends. Whether it’s a sense of inspiration or sadness, Fab pours his vulnerability into each story he tells on this new album. Listeners will be able to relate their own lives to at least a handful of the songs on Leave My Friends and it’ll leave them with the urge to thank Scott Fab personally for creating such a consoling album.

Rating: 4 Stars!

Artist Name: Scott Fab
Album Name: Leave My Friends
Release Date: April 21, 2017
Location: Detroit, MI
Genre: singer-songwriter, Americana