The Daily Krapht- Naomi Wachira- “Beautifully Human”

The Daily Krapht- Naomi Wachira- “Beautifully Human”

Naomi Wachira is an afro-folk singer/songwriter born in Kenya and now residing in Seattle. We are more than pleased to introduce her to the Wordkrapht family and can confidently say this won’t be the last time you see her name on our site. 

Wachira wants to create music that inspires and will leave a lasting impression on the world. With her poignant lyrics that are both honest yet hopeful we think she is on the right path.


Artwork By: Astronauts & Poets


In June she will be releasing Songs of Lament, her sophomore album recorded at Seattles Historic London Bridge Studio.  The album, according to Wachira, “was born out the many tragic losses we’ve witnessed globally – ranging from cases of police brutality to the refugee crisis – that made me grieve about who we’ve become, but also burned a desire in me to create art that would serve society at large and hopefully lessen the chaos around us.” 

The album’s first single, “Beautifully Human” is quite possibly the most beautiful song about human equality you will hear this year. Wachira’s vocals are the main focus on the track , strong yet vulnerable simultaneously.  There is a moment where she sings for just a moment A capella, and  it’s enough to give you goosebumps. Her music is a strong reminder that we as humans can do better. When she sheds light in the darkness, she is showing us the truth and reminding us that yes it exists, but we also have the power to make the change for the positive.

“Beautifully Human” is available for steaming and download. Listen below and connect with Wachira on all her socials. Songs of Lament will be released June 2nd. The album release show will be May 27th at Triple Door.

*Cover Photo credit: Janelle Kallender


Artist Name: Naomi Wachira

Genre: Afro-Folk, SInger/Songwriter

Location: Seattle, Washington