The Daily Krapht- Sam Levin- “Everything’s Okay”

The Daily Krapht- Sam Levin- “Everything’s Okay”

Sam Levin is an multi-instrumentalist out of New York with an impressive backstory. At the age of five he saw a mini Fender Strat and wanted it. Most parents would laugh it off or think nothing of it. Fast foward two years and Levin writes his first song. By twelve he has released his first EP, I’m In Here.


Frame of Mind

Now, at the age of fifteen Levin has released his first full length album titled Frame Of Mind.

We had the chance to listen and invite you to do the same. The album is an eclectic mix of acoustic ballads, pop melodies and a fair share of electronic experimentation. It’s versatile without sounding frantic  which is something even some adult musicians struggle with.

Last week Levin released his first video off of Frame of Mind, the album’s opening track, “Everything’s OK”. Take a watch below, and go show this kid some love on his socials. You’re not going to want to miss his journey.

Frame of Mind is available now, check the links below for more information on streaming and purchasing.

Artist Name: Sam Levin

Location: New York

Genre: Singer Songwriter, experimental