The Daily Krapht-Jupiter Deluxe Tube- “Home”

The Daily Krapht-Jupiter Deluxe Tube- “Home”

Tuesday’s are the perfect day for day dreaming and keeping your head anywhere else but on the work you should be doing. In our on going attempts to bring you the best independent music we would like to introduce Jupiter Deluxe Tube, the soundtrack to your Tuesday reveries.

Founded and fronted by Darwinn Sate, Jupiter Deluxe Tube is dream pop that is the result of Sate’s severe insomnia. Spending most of her time in an endless dance of consciousness and almost sleep has resulted in songs that cover topics such as alternative states of consciousness, life after death, and interstellar travel, all of which can be heard on her debut album, Product of Insomnia due out June 2nd.

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Artwork by: Jasmin Sanchez

 “Home”, the first single off the album is what nostalgia would sound like if it were a song.

 “The feeling of coming home to a childhood sanctuary that now seems different as an adult is like watching a familiar movie for the first time in years, only to find changes you never noticed before”

 If you’re looking to get lost in synths and angelic vocals, “Home” is the track for you to listen to today. Stream it below, and follow Jupiter Deluxe Tube on her socials.

Product of Insomnia will be released June 2nd

*Photo by:Erika Romero

 Artist Name: Jupiter Deluxe Tube

Location: Los Angeles

Genre: Dream Pop

Members: Darwinn Sate