The Daily Krapht- Jordan Mackampa- “Saint”

The Daily Krapht- Jordan Mackampa- “Saint”

Today we would like to introduce you to Jordan Mackampa, an artist originally hailing from the Decomcratic Republic of Congo but now calls Conventry his home. On May 15th he will be releasing, Tales From The Broken and we have the first single off the album to share with you today.

Sometimes called a troubadour, Jordan Mackampa has a voice that sounds like it belongs in a gospel choir. Rich, faceted and full of soul you’ll take one listen and instantly want to hear all that Mackampa has ever released.

Saints Cover“Saint” is a foot stomping track guaranteed to get you moving, and thinking. Mackampa mixes soul, folk and pop to create this sound that is unique and irresistible. Of the track and its meaning Mackmpa has this to say about it

“’Saint’ is a song that speaks to a piece of all of us, there isn’t such a thing as good people or bad people in my mind, we’re all complicated and need to accept parts of ourselves that we equally like and dislike. The idea was to draw on the idea of how we are all just trying to figure out a purpose in life and sometimes that leads to something else for guidance.”

 You can stream “Saint” below, and mark your calendars for May 15th when Tales from The Broken will be released. Mackampa will also be hitting the road in May for a UK tour. Be sure to check the dates listed on his socials and if you can make it, we highly encourage you to attend!!

Artist Name: Jordan Mackampa

Location: Conventry, England

Genre: Singer-Songwriter