The Daily Krapht- Bogart- “Little Green Men”

The Daily Krapht- Bogart- “Little Green Men”

Bogart is an indie pop/rock band out of Detroit, Michigan. Highly influenced by Japanese rock, the band released their high energy debut ep Every Little Thing last week.


“Little Green Men” is the first single released off of Every Little Thing and is the perfect track to kick Monday where it counts. Deliciously catchy, “Little Green Men” starts off urgent and keeps listeners on their toes for two minutes and fifty five seconds. With hints of distortion, dirty garage rock and tons of sing along, head bopping action we dare you to just listen to this song once and not want to hit the repeat button again and again and again.

Stream “Little Green Men” below, and you can find Every Little Thing available now for digital download on Bogart’s bandcamp page for only 4 bucks. What a deal!

*Cover Photo by Sisse Photos

Artist Name: Bogart

Location: Detroit, Michigan

Genre: Indie pop/rock

Members: Douglas Bannerman – Vocals, Guitar
Dan David – Drums
Tom Virga – Guitar
Elise McCoy – Bass, Vocals