The Daily Krapht- Myrlin Hepworth- “Lullaby”

The Daily Krapht- Myrlin Hepworth- “Lullaby”

Myrlin Hepworth is an emcee, poet and teacher from sunny Arizona. With a sharp tongue and an ability for telling it like it is, Hepworth has already released two albums and is currently working on new music. Speaking on social and racial injustice matters, life, love and pop culture he covers even the toughest subjects with honesty, tact and passion.


Yesterday he released his second lyric video, breathing new life into a favorite track. “Lullaby”, featured on his 2016 release, Eulogy in Blue is, put simply a “dope love song”. Poetry set to a beat, “Lullaby” is vulnerable, passionate and just damn good.

Press play, listen loud, and read the lyrics. Go check out the rest of the music Hepworth has to offer, both on his youtube and bandcamp pages.

Connect with him on his socials to stay up to date on new releases. If you’re in the Phoenix area, you can catch Hepworth April 1st at Last Exit Live for his “Old Story” music release party.

Artist Name: Myrlin Hepworth

Location: Phoenix, Arizona

Genre: hip-hop