The Cover Letter- Cities Made of Sand

The Cover Letter- Cities Made of Sand

Riding high off of their album release show that took place last weekend, Austin, Texas band The Cover Letter are primed for a great week. Back in December we covered, “Somethings” the first single released off of their ‘then’ yet to be released, Cities Made of Sand.

Cities Made of Sand was released February 17th and is quickly gaining momentum and has  become a favorite around here. Each song jumps out of the speakers the second you press play and demands your full attention (which you will be more than happy to oblige).The band prides themselves for their high energy shows, and if played loud enough, you’ll be transported to a bar far away from home with five of your new best friends.

“Josephine”, the second single that has been released is just one of six tracks that is intricate and wonderfully melodic at the same time.  Of the track the band has this to say about it:

 “We spend every day trying to put the puzzle of our lives together. This song is about realizing that you may never find the missing piece. But we find inspiration and beauty in that.”

Photo Credit: Alex Gray

Photo Credit: Alex Gray

There are many factors that contribute to the success of The Cover Letter’s sound. From having two lead vocalists that are both spectacular, to their ability to genre blend so effortlessly  you don’t even care what box they belong in as long as they play it loud, and finally their open and honest approach that leaves anyone who listens understanding and appreciating that they too are just trying to go through this life as best they can.

Cities Made of Sand is available now. Connect with The Cover Letter on their socials to stay up to date on show announcements and new releases. Links at the bottom of the page.

5/5 Stars!

Artist Name: The Cover Letter

Genre: Americana, Indie Rock

Location: Austin, Texas

Members: Jacob Shipman, Jarrod Nall, Chelsea Barbo, Johnni Roaché, Trevor Van Stanfield