The Daily Krapht- Empire Music presents “In The Zone”

The Daily Krapht- Empire Music presents “In The Zone”

Empire Music is a hiphop powerhouse of a label. Led by CEO Matt “MDB” Siegenthaler, they recently released the first in a series that we are very excited to share with you today.

“In the Zone” is the first in an international cypher series featuring everyone performing in their own native

16939318_1462335440457218_6075842596787947345_nlanguage. The track features  La Nefera (A Lo Hecho Pecho on Bandcamp), Sonny Seeza of Onyx (Bridges on iTunes) and Swiss emcees Chilz (Innere Zirkel on iTunes) and Levo rimeD (4057 on iTunes). It’s raw, exciting and worthy of multiple listens and views.

Bringing people together is what music is all about, and is especially needed today. This series is a great way to connect artists from around the world and introduce people to artists they wouldn’t have heard otherwise. Check out the video below, connect with the artists via the links above, and stay tuned to Empire Music for more.

*  produced by Thomas “Jakebeatz” Hof, cYpher was taped live by Manuel “Manoo” Wiedemann.

Artists: La Nefera, Sonny Seeza of Onyx, Chilz, Levo rimeD

Location:  Basel-City, Switzerland

Label: Empire Music

Genre: Hip/hop