Photo credit: Elaine Miller

The Daily Krapht – Wild Skies – “Fumes & Faith”

There is such a thing as the music lover’s equivalent to “love at first sight.” Maybe you could call it, “love at first listen.” When you’re introduced to a new band and you fall instantly in love with their sound. Well, this happened when we first heard the Chicago-based band, Wild Skies.


The first single off Wild Skies’ upcoming debut album (due out April 14th, 2017), is “Fumes & Faith.” The song starts off with the impressive, catchy percussion (we dare you to not snap along to the beat), and within the first twelve seconds, the beautiful harmonies of Wild Skies will raise the hairs on your arms as they join in. The two main ingredients of harmonies and infectious percussion flows through the rest of “Fumes & Faith.” As singer and guitarist Aaron Lechlak explains (on their PR company, Green Light Go’s album announcement), “Several years before we were married, we had just moved to Chicago and were living together for the first time. Neither of us were happy with our personal situations and we sort of took it out on each other. The tension was really building up and it almost did us in, but eventually we realized that we had each other and we were going to support each other through whatever came along. The idea of ‘Fumes and Faith’ is when you find yourself exhausted with nothing left, being able to lean on someone for help to get through.”

Wild Skies is the kind of band that you hear and immediately think to yourself, “Why the hell are they not on the radio and winning Grammys?” They are like an addiction you would never think about entering rehab for. Wild Skies will have you begging for more music, which listeners will be happy to know the upcoming debut album, Far From Below is only a couple months away from its release date. You can bet your friends at Wordkrapht will be all over that album!

* Photo credit: Elaine Miller

Artist Name: Wild Skies
Location: Chicago, IL
Genre: folk, Americana
Members: Aaron Lechlak (vocals, guitar), Kristine Sorum-Williams (vocals), Tommy Good (vocals, double bass), and Andy Kearns (percussion)