The Daily Krapht – Glass Mansions – “Nightswimming”

The Daily Krapht – Glass Mansions – “Nightswimming”

Anybody who has paid even the slightest bit of attention around here knows that Glass Mansions (formerly Death of Paris) has been a favorite of Kraphters since the very beginning. This Columbia, SC quartet has worked tirelessly to carve their own space in the music world. They continue to learn and hone their skills, and you can see the results in their latest single, “Nightswimming.”


Released in time for their annual trip to SXSW in Austin, this new track is the perfect showcase for what and who this band has become. The music of Glass Mansions has always been slightly addictive. It slides under your skin to wrap itself around you and stimulates all nerve endings with joy. It creates an intense need to move and scream out during the chorus. Their ability to create hooks that pull the listener in is undeniable. “Nightswimming” is just the next step on their evolutionary journey as a band.

Jayna Doyle has never shown a lack of confidence, but there is a level of maturity showing her growth as a singer. Blake Arambula is the mastermind behind the signature synths. His touch has helped create that signature sound that no other band has been able to duplicate. It takes just a few seconds to listen and notice his little “Blake was here” stamp on every track. Patrick Beardsley is in many ways understated on this track compared to some of the past offerings. His little riffs drift in and out and complement the song perfectly. Johnny Gornati may be the unsung hero on “Nightswimming.” His presence has certainly added a harder edge and a new dimension since joining the band. He creates extra tension with the thunder he brings on this track.

2017 has started off well for our friends from Columbia. Enjoy the video, check out their older catalog under Death of Paris and get your weekend started with this great song.      


Artist Name: Glass Mansions
Location: Columbia, SC
Genre: Electronica, Power Pop, Rock
Band Members: Jayna Doyle, Blake Arambula, Patrick Beardsley, Johnny Gornati