The Daily Krapht – Prisca – “Robot Boy”

The Daily Krapht – Prisca – “Robot Boy”

The last time we checked in with our friend, Prisca, was with the music video for the soul-baring, body image anthem, “Skin.” Well, this Atlanta-based singer/songwriter is back, but with something a little different. That amazing, soulful, powerful voice is still the same, but this time around, Prisca is bringing some playful, comedic relief to this overrated holiday we call Valentine’s Day.

For those of us who like to refer to this holiday as “Singles Awareness Day,” Prisca has brought us “Robot Boy,” a fun, lighthearted, upbeat song about getting your heart broken so many times that you decide to create your own lover in the form of a robot.

Prisca shows her audience that she not only has a serious side when she’s tackling topics like body standards, but she can also take a day where some people may feel down in the dumps and make them laugh and smile with the power of music. Just wait for the last minute and a half of this clever music video, and you’ll see what we mean!

*video director: StevenC Pitts, video producer: Sam Green of RiTE

If you really enjoy the song, it’s available for download on iTunes so you can put that track on repeat all day long!

Artist Name: Prisca
Location: Atlanta, GA
Genre: Singer-Songwriter, pop, soul