The Daily Krapht- Cashavelly Morrison- “Iodine”

The Daily Krapht- Cashavelly Morrison- “Iodine”

Cashavelly Morrison was born to perform. Starting her life off as a professional ballerina and dancer, she performed until a spinal injury forced her to slow down. Having to spend six months with limited mobility, Morrison found another passion: writing lyrics. She loved it so much she went to school and graduated with a masters in writing and taught herself guitar.  She wrote songs that reflected her home in West Virginia, and together with husband Ryan MacLeod the duo became a band.

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In 2015 they released The Kingdom Belongs to a Child, their debut album that covered many social issues. One in particular still hits close to home today, which is why we are sharing it with you. Just released last month, “Iodine” is a powerful ballad that is told from a mother’s perspective.

“The visuals were directed by filmmaker S. Cagney Gentry and illustrate the tremendous grief of a mother who is suffering the loss of her child to gun violence. Dealing with the child’s absence from her house, Dominica’s choreography vivifies the heroine’s transition from victim to empowered voice, calling for justice and catharsis.

Dominica’s choreography is heart-breaking and tells a story without one word necessary. Watch the video below, and let us know what you think. The Kingdom Belongs to a Child is available now.

Artist Name: Cashavelly Morrison

Location: West Virginia

Genre: Folk

Members: Cashavelly Morrison, Ryan MacLeod