SASO – The Levee

SASO – The Levee


Cover Art By: Oh Jee Nam/Rhombi Survivor

Every once and awhile, we encounter a musician or band that we listen to and we instantly develop a deep level of trust with their music. Maybe it’s the lyrics. Maybe we relate to every word spoken. Those lyrics might help us understand uncertainty in our lives. Maybe it’s the music itself. Maybe the music soothes and relaxes our mind in a world full of chaos. When listening to The Levee, the debut album from SASO (also known as Jaime Saso), that is the exact feeling we experienced. The mix of SASO’s soothing, trustworthy tone in his voice and the incredibly relaxing music arrangements on each track of The Levee has created an album that everyone should add to their library.

The first single off of The Levee, is “Stephanie,” a song which has a sad tone, but like most of SASO’s songs, he adds this immense amount of beauty to his music. “Stephanie” starts with the simple strums of the acoustic guitar before the brushes of the percussion join in on this delicate track. SASO also showcases a classic Americana vibe to his music with the sounds of the pedal steel. He tells a story of a girl named Stephanie singing lyrics like, “always made the room go quiet,” “she used to dance away the nights,” and “now she hardly steps out in the light.” This story has the listener wanting to know more about this mysterious lady who SASO sings about in the past tense.

On “Inside the View,” the pure beauty of the instrumentation (with the strings section and Spanish guitar playing an important role) is all you need, but SASO’s trademark soothing vocals is the icing on top of the cake. “Inside the View” uses analogies of sailing through a storm as SASO sings lyrics like “till this storm will pass, stuck inside the view.” The haunting sounds of the percussion, bass, and strings section reflect the feeling of going through tough times like being inside a storm, but this track also has a sign of hope which is represented musically through the sounds of the Spanish guitar.

The highlight of The Levee is by far “You And Me.” The musical arrangement alone is enough for you to fall in love with SASO. He is well known for being a multi-instrumentalist and “You And Me” is where he flourishes and introduces this amazing talent to his listeners. Any music lover will listen to this track closely as they try to find all of the instruments he utilizes in this song. “You And Me” starts off so simple with quick, gentle picks of the guitar and as the song goes on, the wide variety of instruments continue to add into the beauty of this special song. Instead of listing all of the instruments SASO uses on this track, take our word for it and really take time to listen. Just when you think he can’t possibly add anymore beauty to this song, you listen to the lyrics and you are officially transformed into this world of rainbows and unicorns as SASO sings a romantic song that will have everyone dreaming of a love as sweet as the one he describes in “You And Me.”

SASO has delivered a debut album that deserves to be heard by as many people in this world as possible. Each and every track on The Levee is surrounded with an unlimited amount of artistry and brings an overall calmness to the listener which will have them forgetting about this chaotic world we live in. The Levee is like a needle in the haystack and we consider ourselves lucky enough to have found it along the way.

Rating: 5 Stars!

Artist Name: SASO
Album Name: The Levee
Release Date: January, 2017
Members: Jaime Saso
Genre: folk, rock, Americana
Location: Austin/Dallas, TX