Album Art: Absurd Digital Imagery

KSerious- Flowerewolf

On January 7th Kevin ‘KSerious’ Allen Bicknell released Flowerewolf, his first solo EP since the release of Bury Me in Public back in 2012.

Flowerewolf is six songs long that you’re going to wish was longer. At the heart of it, Flowerewolf is a hip/hop album and Kserious is a hip/hop artist. After one listen though, you will quickly find this EP and artist who created it are in a league of their own. Bicknell samples dialog from movies, and snippets of old jazz standards (Anyone who can incorporate Cab Calloway in their music is alright in my book) to create songs that are fun to listen to and it just screams cool. Add to that the addition of piano, horns and other instrumentation and what do you have? An experimental piece of artwork that begs to be played over and over again. Each listen will bring forth new facets you may have missed the first time.

Album Art: Absurd Digital Imagery

Album Art: Absurd Digital Imagery

Lyrically Flowerewolf is sarcastic, self-deprecating existentialism at its best. From life and death to dysfunctional relationships, Bicknell’s stories are all his own, unique and colorful.  Quick witted and darkly whimsical, this EP has a little something for everyone and if you are in the need of music that is completely different than your everyday playlists look no further.

Take a listen below, purchase, play, love, repeat.

5 Stars!

Album Name: Flowerewolf

Date Released: January 7th

Genre: Hip-Hop, Experimental

Members: KSerious

Location: Los Angeles, California