Steph Barrak- Never Again

Steph Barrak- Never Again

Steph Barrak is a singer-songwriter out of Boston, Massachusetts. Next month Barrak will be releasing Never Again, a follow up to her 2013 debut album Words to Break Your Heart.

Photo by: M. Davidson-Schapiro

Photo by: M. Davidson-Schapiro

Never Again finds Barrak exploring more sounds and styles and those sounds layered with acoustic guitar make for a full, balanced EP. She toes the line expertly between restraint and inhibition, giving the listener just what they need, nothing more or less.  Never Again is whimsical and airy with the lyrical depth that keeps it from becoming frivolous pop music. Singing about loss, longing and the endurance to endure the two, Barrak becomes more of a friend and confidant; spilling personal information into welcoming ears.

Inspired by Jenny Lewis, Weezer, Queen and a bit of Motown soul, this EP is perfect for anyone who wants music that is warm and inviting yet refreshing and new simultaneously.

Barrak released the first single off the EP, “So Familiar” to give listeners just a taste of what’s to come. We invite you to take a listen below and see what you think for yourself.

Never Again will be released February 3rd. Produced by friend and music partner Mike Davidson, the Ep also features a few other talented musicians from the Boston area. Steve Scully played on drums, Annie Hoffman provided bass, and Lance Riley contributed to the ambient guitar you’ll hear.

If damn good music wasn’t enough to get you to adore Steph Barrak, you should be interested to hear that she has an altruistic streak as well. 50% of all the sales made on her music and merchandise go straight to the Girls Rock Campaign in Boston.

*Never Again album art by Joseph Irizarry

5 Stars!

Album Name: Never Again

Release Date: Feb 3rd

Genre: Folk, Singer- Songwriter

Location: Boston, Massachusetts