The Daily Krapht- Yelle- Ici & Maintenant (Here & Now)

The Daily Krapht- Yelle- Ici & Maintenant (Here & Now)

Yelle is the stage name of French electro pop artist Julie Budet. Together with Jean-Francois Perrier (or better known as GrandMarnier) the two have been creating music since 2005. After constant touring and releasing music the duo decided it’s time to live for the here and now. Last month they released “ICI & MAINTENANT” which literally translates to “Here and Now”.

The song is ridiculously catchy, and thanks to Google Translate and Yelle for including the lyrics you can see what “Here and Now” is about even if your French isn’t up to par (it’s ok neither was ours).

The video, directed by Paul B Commings and Jean-Francois Perrier was shot in LA and is just as fun and whimsical as the song itself. Featuring friend Nathan Barnatt and Budet herself I’d like to think the two represent how we act on the outside and how we want to act but don’t because we’re civilized adults.


Of the video and song Yelle had this to say about it:

“After 3 albums and crazy intense touring over the world, we felt we needed to pause, not looking at the past or being in loops about what is next all the time, no, instead we want to be connected to the present. Here and Now. That’s exactly the idea behind the song. that’s our state of mind. Being simply and fully in the moment.

The video reflects that, it’s very here & now, super extra normal! We made it with our friend Nathan Barnatt who we met a few years ago after he’d done a ‘fan’ video of our “Que Veux tu” song remixed by Madeon.

Normcore to the four on the floor!”

Check out the video below, and then do yourselves a favor and check out the rest of Yelle’s repertoire. You can’t have a bad day with their music and visuals playing, we guarantee it.

* Single Artwork done by Daniel Aristizábal Arias

Artist Name: Yelle

Members: Julie Budet & Jean Francois Perrier

Location: France

Genre: Electro-Pop

Label:  Recreation Center