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Known To Collapse- Transport Paradise

Kevin Lehner and a collective of musicians makes up the Bay area band, Known To Collapse. While in college Lehner worked at a radio station as a DJ where the hours spent digging through records helped to shape the musician we see and hear today. After getting the chance to interview artists such as Jeff Tweedy and Dave Konopka, Lehner decided to incorporate their wild styles into Known to Collapse.

Artwork by: Juan Beaz

Artwork by: Juan Beaz

After the release of his 2012 debut album, Lehner wanted to explore and stretch his sound even further which prompted him to learn audio engineering. This knowledge has led him to not only craft his own sound, but for others as well.

In a few short days Known To Collapse will be releasing Transport Paradise. The album title is indicative to what the album will bring listeners (whether or not that was intentional we can only guess). Mixing the moodiness of grunge elements, the surf beach sounds of California and the distortions found in shoegaze the band was not afraid to make an album that feels like a nod to the past while also feeling very fresh and new. The wall of sound that is created within the songs is atmospheric, lush; sometimes the sound feels bigger than the room you will be in whilst listening to it. Transport Paradise has this quiet brilliance about it, without being pretentious and alienating.

Let it keep you company in the car and be the soundtrack to what 2017 may bring you. Play it loud and all the way through from beginning to end for maximum effect.

Transport Paradise will be released through Green Chair Music LTD. Connect with the band on all their socials to stay up to date on releases, and show dates.

5/5 Stars!

Album Name: Transport Paradise

Genre: Indie Rock

Date Released: January 19th, 2017

Location: California