Flaunt- The Antics of More Youthful Times

Flaunt- The Antics of More Youthful Times

We would be lying if we said we weren’t suckers for music that blends and marries different styles and genres. In the world of independent music, there seems to be more freedom to experiment, and the results of said experiments are dare I even say it, music to our ears.

Justin Jennings and  Joseph Vitterito have been pushing their limits and breaking down boundaries since 2014. All it takes is one listen and look at their ambitious Rave Noir project to get a clear idea of Flaunt’s vision for their music.  Whereas Rave Noir was 18 tracks each accompanied by a narrative video, their yet to be released, The Antics of More Youthful Times is only 7 songs but still packs quite a punch.


Due out worldwide on January 6th, the world has already been treated to 2 of the EP’s singles, each included in this review for your listening pleasure. With Antics, we are seeing more of what makes Flaunt who they are. A little more rock, and more soul are featured; however it’s more than just genre-blending that really hooks people. What is most refreshing is the honesty that comes through in the lyrics. The combination of abstract sounds, cutting lyrics and emotive vocals makes for music that is nothing but sincere. With Flaunt, what you hear from them is who they are, nothing more or less.

The Antics of More Youthful Times will be released on Soundcloud December 25th, and worldwide on January 6th. Even more new music will be on the way in the upcoming year, as they are currently putting the finishing touches on another full length release slated for 2017.

5 stars!!

Artist Name: Flaunt
Location: US
Genre: Electro-Organic
Members: Justin Jennings, Joseph Vitterito
Website: http://www.flauntismusic.com/weareflaunt/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/flauntlife/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/FlauntLife