The Daily Krapht- The Cover Letter- “Somethings”

The Daily Krapht- The Cover Letter- “Somethings”

The Cover Letter has been getting crowds rowdy in their home state of Texas since 2013. Priding themselves on not only their energetic live shows, the band thrives on the no holds barred, genre blending multi-instrumentation don’t- put- us- in- a- box- because- we’re -just- going -to -break- out- of- it philosophy ( try saying that five times fast).

Last year they released their debut self-titled EP which garnered lots of new fans and accolades such as being named one of the Best New Bands in the Live Music Capital of the World by the Austin Chronicle and one of the country’s Hot 100 Unsigned Bands in 2015 by Music Connection Magazine.

Cities Made of Sand is TCL’s yet to be released second EP. They recently released their first single off of the EP, and it’s the perfect song to keep your Friday vibes at a maximum high.

“Somethings” starts off peppy and only gets better from there. It will be impossible to sit still through even one listen. We also guarantee you’ll be singing along too.

Stream “Somethings” below, and stay tuned for a review of Cities Made of Sand, closer to its release in February 2017. Connect with the band on all their socials, as always links at the bottom of the page.

“Somethings” art work done by  Austin Haines

Artist Name: The Cover Letter

Genre: Americana, Indie Rock

Location: Austin, Texas

Members: Jacob Shipman, Jarrod Nall, Chelsea Barbo, Johnni Roaché, Trevor Van Stanfield