The Daily Krapht- The Rebel Light- “Goodbye Serenade”

The Daily Krapht- The Rebel Light- “Goodbye Serenade”

Sometimes it’s best to let the music and accompanying visuals speak for themselves. In the case of The Rebel Light and their video for “Goodbye Serenade” we won’t say too much, except during these arduous times this video is just what we need. Of the video the band tells us

“ We wanted to visually create something that highlights the power of the human spirit and the incredible accomplishments that mankind has achieved  …… 

It’s about how great we as a human race can truly be when we focus our energy into creating something positive in this world. It’s also a reminder that regardless of our differences we are all brothers and sisters.   

Our greatest achievements in history have come from tearing walls down…. not by building them”


The combination of the visuals provided in the video alongside the song is enough to bring a few tears to your eye. Let this be a reminder to all to work together, not just for the sake of our future, but for our right now.

Artist Name: The Rebel Light
Location: Los Angeles, California
Genre: Indie Pop
Members: Steil, Steil, Cooke