The Daily Krapht- Private Lives- “Man of Faith”

The Daily Krapht- Private Lives- “Man of Faith”

Private Lives is the newest project from Nate Barcalow (Finch, Reverend Crow) and Kenny Finn (Reverend Crow). The name is loosely based on the notion that everyone’s lives are no longer private and all online (minus the hideous and terrifying stuff you don’t dare snap or Instagram). With Private Lives, Barcalow and Finn have adopted a no rules, just play approach that is pushing them creatively. In the few months since the band’s conception, this approach has proven to be wildly popular and fans are welcoming the music with open arms.

Currently Private Lives has four singles released, with plans to release more. “Man of Faith”, is the newest song they shared last week. It is organic, yet electronic; melodic and deeply lyrical while also being pretty dance-able.  This balancing act works brilliantly and the track is just begging to be played over and over and over again, which you’ll be more than happy to oblidge.

Take a listen to “Man of Faith” below (then go buy this track and the others, you won’t be sorry, we promise). Connect with Private Lives via their socials, and await new music to bestowed upon your lovely ears.

Artist Name: Private Lives

Genre: Electronic

Members: Nate Barcalow, Kenny Finn

Location: Temecula, California